Mediterranean Sailing

Sailing the Mediterranean

Today the tour would continue for 2 nights on the Mediterranean Sea for sailing. I had been looking forward to this for a long time. I couldn’t wait to put on my swimmers, jump in the water, sun bake and sleep.


Our stop for the day was a town called Kas. Kas is so beautiful, with big cliffs leading down to the Mediterranean sea, you can see why this has become a popular summer destination for the Turks, Germans and British.

During our lunch in Kas, I read my messages on my phone with my family asking me back at home, “Are you ok?”, “Please call us”.  I went straight onto the Sydney Morning Herald website to check if there was any news on Turkey. It was major headlines that there had been a massive suicide blast in Ankara. It’s a sad tragedy that is occurring daily here in Turkey. Luckily we were far away from that, and of course safe.

We then went towel shopping. The Turkish hammam towels are very popular back at home. At the markets back in the Istanbul they can cost between 30-50 lira, which is a complete rip off. Thanks to Aysenur, she showed us this shop in Kas where a big towel was only 10 lira (5 AUD) and the small ones were only 5 lira (2.50 AUD). I bought a couple of towels myself.

We then headed to an area where there are sun lounges, a bar and access to swim. Remember in Turkey most beaches are covered with pebbles or rocks. The water was beautiful, warm and very clear. I felt like in paradise and on a holiday.



Later in the afternoon we boarded our boat and we were greeted by a lovely Turkish couple who would be our chef and captain for the next couple of days. As the sun was setting this afternoon we went for a swim and snorkel. Because water was a bit murky, it was hard to see any fish. However we did spot a turtle! As night fell we had dinner and played games. For sleeping most of the tour group slept either inside the boat, or on top with a cover. However for the people who snore like myself, Kelly and Francis we slept at the front of the boat. It was absolutely incredible sleeping under the stars in the Mediterranean.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and a wonderful Turkish breakfast. Our day involved going to different spots along the Mediterranean where we could swim, snorkel or just relax. It was so great not having to think of the time or what was going on in the world. Night time involved yummy fish for dinner cooked by the captain.

On our final morning we had another lovely breakfast before we headed to our final destination for the tour, Antalya.









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